Save the Lapwings

Lapwings are an increasingly rare and charismatic species and provides one of the main attractions to the nature reserve along with other exciting wildlife. Other nature reserves in London provide huge economic benefits to local communities. The London Wetland Centre attracts 250,000 visitors a year, provides jobs and brings in huge health and well being… read more »

Beddington Farmlands Review 2017

The year was dominated by the fall out from the construction of the controversial incinerator and that’s before the chimneys have even started emitting dioxins and fine particulates into the local air. Beddington Farmlands was seldom not in the local and wider media in 2017 and featured strongly as a local issue in the June… read more »

Viridor Open Days- An opportunity to question Viridor about the conservation disaster and lack of public access

Viridor are to host two open days in September to showcase the restoration and incinerator.  Dates and times are: 15th September 2017 – 10.00-12.00 22nd September 2017 – 14.00-16.00 Members of the public are encouraged to attend. The site ecologist who is employed by Viridor will be there to answer questions about the restoration. Possible… read more »

Carshalton and Wallington Parliamentary Candidates 2017, Pledges and Statements for Beddington Farmlands

THE GREENS  SHASHA KHAN ‘I pledge to do everything possible to ensure agreements that Sutton Council and Viridor have given in regards to the restoration plan are honoured. As the individual that took Sutton Council to the High Court I have seen first hand how Beddington Farmlands has been neglected. I agree with David Lindo,… read more »

The Beddington Farmlands Bird Group

A brief introduction to the work of the Beddington Farmlands Bird Group: RECORDING (Birds, butterflies, moths and other taxa, including British Trust for Ornithology BBS, WeBS Surveys and on-going ringing effort) 25 (max) bird group members, approximately 5044 hours per annum REPORTING (Daily news, website, social media, national recording schemes and comprehensive annual report). Reporting team of 5, approximately 250 hours per… read more »

Discover hidden Beddington: Community open days at the Farmlands

DISCOVER HIDDEN BEDDINGTON: COMMUNITY OPEN DAYS AT THE FARMLANDS  Bird Watchers Paradise, in partnership with the Beddington Farmland Bird Group and MKA Ecology – Tuesday 23rd August – 10.00 & 13.00  Beddington Farmlands Walks, hosted by the Viridor Beddington Team – Sunday 11th  September -10.00 & 12.00.  The Viridor team at the Beddington Farmlands are… read more »