Beddington Farm Bird Group

The Beddington Farm Bird Group (BFBG) was formed in August 1992 by local birdwatchers concerned about the future of this well-known site. For over a century, various forms of sewage treatment and disposal have been carried out here, and the site’s resulting attractiveness for birds and other wildlife has long been recognised and documented.

Beddington is perhaps best known for its passage waders in spring and autumn, but the mosaic of habitats here also holds populations of breeding and wintering species. The breeding colony of Tree Sparrows at Beddington was, until recently, one of the largest in the country and the BFBG has rightly adopted this species as its emblem.

The BFBG acts under licence from Viridor Waste Management (formerly Thames Waste Management (a division of Thames Water Services Ltd)).

Aims and objectives

To encourage and promote the development of a major urban nature reserve at the site

Promoting the site as a nature reserve in the Wandle Valley Regional Park proposals; having a Group input to the decision-making process via representation on the Conservation Science Group and in the Wandle Forum and making appropriate representations on planning applications that affect the site.

To record and document the bird and other wildlife at the Farm

Undertaking breeding surveys and participating in national surveys; monitoring the fortunes of identified key species; ringing; producing an annual bird report; forwarding records to the appropriate Recorders, and submitting details of rarities.

To assist and support conservation and management work to enhance the site for wildlife

Working with all interested parties to assist the implementation and monitoring of the Conservation Management Plan for the site; carrying out small scale conservation work sympathetic to the Conservation Management Plan, and supporting the Tree Sparrow nesting and ringing project and the RSPB LondonTree Sparrow project.

To raise public awareness of site conservation issues, including the importance of disturbance-free areas in the final restoration scheme

Within the limits of operational and health and safety constraints, providing accompanied access for groups from recognised clubs and societies (as well as other interested non-keyholders); seeking agreement from Viridor Waste Management for rarities to be viewed on site, with twitches to be wardened by BFBG members.

Note: The wording of the objectives was amended on 5th November 2007.


Executive Committee Members: Terry Osbourne, Neil Stocks, Peter Alfrey, Roy Dennis, Steve Thomas and Derek Coleman
Conservation Science Group Reps: Derek Coleman and Peter Alfrey
Chair Person: Alternating
Secretary: Terry Osborne
Treasurer: Roy Dennis
Census Co-ordinator: D. A. Coleman
Ringing Officer: M. J. Netherwood
Records and Report Editor: Peter Alfrey

For further information about the Beddington Farm Bird Group please visit their website.

Birding at Beddington Farmlands (© Peter Alfrey)
Conservation work carried out by the Beddington Farm Bird Group (© Peter Alfrey)
Beddington Farm Bird Group at the Carshalton Environmental Fair (© Peter Alfrey)
Beddington Farm Bird Group at the Carshalton Environmental Fair (© Peter Alfrey)
Moth-trapping event organised by the Beddington Farm Bird Group (© Peter Alfrey)